#PreteenVaxScene Webinar #2: CDC’s Clinician Engagement Initiative vacanta detoxifiere romania

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    This event states that it is an online forum that will explore major concerns around the proposed ban of gay conversion therapy, and will discuss actions that can be taken now.

    RMIT should also hold accountable the actions of students and staff that are representing the university. RUSU Queer also wishes to reassert our commitment in supporting our queer and gender diverse student community by condemning all forms of cruel unethical practices against the queer community, homophobia, biphobia, or actions that otherwise perpetuate oppression.

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    Further, our position is backed by the Australian Hpv vaccine melbourne Society stating that no professional health organisation in Australia supports conversion therapy based on several reasons. Studies have put the rate of suicide of survivors of conversion therapy at 8. Accordingly, RUSU Queer questions any validity of ethical guidelines with regards to the topic at hand.

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    RUSU Queer acknowledges that this forum may be harmful to the health of our community. As such, we urge the parties involved in this forum, including RMIT and the lecturer, to exercise compassion and be mindful of our diverse community and refrain from taking part in such a harmful narrative.

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