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Ovarian cancer nutrition


    Medicina Kaunas ; 56 4 Apr Material and Method: A retrospective study was conducted on a group of 45 patients submitted to surgery between January and December In most cases, the diagnosis was established through imaging studies-thoracic computed tomography CT scan with or without contrast-but also using magnetic resonance imaging MRI or positron emission tomography PET scans when data from CT scans were scarce.

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    All patients were submitted to surgery with curative intent. Results: Most patients included in this study were asymptomatic, with this pathology being more common in patients over 60 years of age, and more common in women.

    ovarian cancer nutrition

    The occurrence of malignant PSFT in our study was All cases were submitted to surgery with curative intent, with a single case ovarian cancer nutrition further recurrence. In order to achieve complete resection en bloc resection of the tumor with the chest wall, resection was performed in two cases, while lower lobectomy, pneumectomy, and hemidiaphragm resection, respectively, were needed in each case.

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    Postoperative ovarian cancer nutrition was null. Conclusion: Thoracic CT scan remains the most important imagistic investigation in diagnosing.

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    MRI is superior to thoracic CT, especially in cases that involved the larger blood vessels within the thorax, spinal column, or diaphragm. Complete surgical resection is the gold standard in treatment of PSFT, and the prognosis in benign cases is very good.

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