Translation of "of the cancer tumors" in Romanian

Cancer aggressive types

cancer aggressive types

While fields such as radiological research were benefitting from machine learning solutions for CT and MRI scanning technologies, tumor analysis was reliant on outdated processes, creating a painful and drawn-out patient experience. Since working alongside Microsoft, the university has found a partner and platform to pursue its vision of accurately categorizing tumors, potentially without biopsies.

Its researchers regularly publish industry-shaping work in top journals across the globe, cementing the institution as a true thought leader in medicine.

One such research team—a collaboration between the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, consisting of medical physicist Professor Thomas Beyer and PhD candidate Laszlo Papp, and the Division of Nuclear Medicine, clinical director Professor Marcus Cancer aggressive types been working on pioneering new approaches to tumor characterization.

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We can learn crucial information about the biology of tumors. They understood why it's so important. But since no form of cancer is the same as any other, this process is complex, labor-intensive, and not always completely accurate.

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With so many roadblocks to effectively examining tumors, something needs to be changed. Research is becoming faster, more accurate, less time-consuming and, most importantly, is being applied directly to improving patient care.

When we approached Microsoft with our ideas and needs, they listened to us. They believed in our project.

The Pathophysiology of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Meanwhile, waiting for news is a horrible experience for people to go through. But Beyer, Hacker, and Papp believe that predictive models can help physicians outrun such aggressive types of cancer. And speeding up the process is not all that predictive modeling can potentially do for patients.

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The time saved can literally be life changing. You go to the hospital and get a hybrid imaging exam. Following that, instead of going through a painful, inaccurate biopsy analysis, followed by a long decision-making process about your therapy, by cancer aggressive types time the scan is finished and you get off the imaging bed, an artificial intelligence has already performed an in-depth analysis of your medical images.

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This is relayed almost instantly to your attending doctor, who can then put together a personalized therapy plan. Cancer is a scary prospect, so anything that can be done to make the diagnostic process a better experience for people affected has a huge impact on their minds and on healthcare in general.

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In addition, the Azure platform is a versatile landscape able to hold huge amounts of data that are currently impossible to manage with standard, in-house IT systems. This development of processing and infrastructure ability could unlock broader transformation across this project.

În ultima perioadă se observă o creştere continuă atât a incidenţei, cât şi a mortalităţii din cauza cancerului. Sunt peste de tipuri de cancer, incluzând tumori solide şi boli maligne hematologice ca leucemiile sau limfoamele. Unele cancere, comune sau rare, pot fi mai agresive, adică se formează, se dezvoltă şi se răspândesc mai rapid decât altele, având un fenotip agresiv. În cancer aggressive types cancerelor agresive, de obicei celulele canceroase devin rezistente la tratament şi scad considerabil şansele de supravieţuire.

Transforming medicine to transform lives Working with Microsoft, Beyer, Hacker, and Papp can continue to unravel the complexities cancer aggressive types tumor characterization, shortening the path from diagnosis to treatment for patients across the globe.

Using predictive modeling to save cancer aggressive types patient time In current standard practice, biopsies can take up to two weeks to produce a result, in which time, fast-growing tumors can get progressively worse. Their vision of a world where AI and clinicians work together to transform patient care is one that could change the face of medicine.

These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Translation of "of the cancer tumors" in Romanian Other translations See, the magnets interact with the nanoparticles, reducing the size of the cancer tumors. Magneții interacționează cu nanoparticulele și reduc dimensiunea tumorii.